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  3. For Those Newly Accepted in PS Beta and Waiting for Disks
  4. Planetside Open Beta Begins / NDA Lifted
  5. Just wanted to say this about Planetside...
  6. Planetside impressions
  7. To the monks playing planetside
  8. Starting the Beta for Planetside
  9. Questions about Planetside...
  10. Concerning PS what do you guys think about Suiciding?
  11. Question about Fileplanet and planetside
  12. Whoo ho d/ling planetside_beta see you guys in there.
  13. Planet Side
  14. New Server names for planetside
  15. so i have been playing planetside for a week
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  17. Welcome to Planetside Forum
  18. You know Open Beta people can DL it, right? :)
  19. Patch Messages-since there will be alot ALL will go here
  20. so is there a monkly outfit yet?
  21. Thanks For Our Own Little Forum Len
  22. nOOb questions
  23. anyone else think Driving is way more fun than flying?
  24. Monkly Roll Call
  25. My PlanetSide Reveiw
  26. umm this may sound weird but did anyone else notice...
  27. I saw lenardo last night but...
  28. Players on Markov
  29. Can someone post the link to DL the beta?
  30. Wednesday, April 30th Patch msg
  31. Why would they make it possible to send tells to other Emp..
  32. about sniping...
  33. How to successfully do an ANT run.
  34. Ya know...
  35. Names
  36. Has Anyone Seen a "Flow Chart" of the PS Cert Care
  37. Is it just me or are these spit fires a little crazy..
  38. Tech Problem
  39. Fix for ME/9x users that drop every 5-10 mins
  40. Constant disconnects maybe my linksys befw11s4 ver 2?
  41. Is it just me or are the implants way to bland??
  42. I think I figured out why there is no incentive for defense
  43. Planetside - Sonys MMOFPS
  44. I got a bug got a fix, now its a small rant.
  45. Implant for a BR6 Sniper
  46. Question
  47. Holy crap there are going to be alot of servers at release..
  48. World Reset
  49. PlanetSide, the static game...?
  50. Vanu Weapon Options
  51. Questions about holding an area and game being static
  52. Would you buy Planetside?
  53. Last Night of Beta
  54. why can't SoE just shed the exp treadmill?
  55. Just had the most awesome time in PS
  56. Planetside rocks
  57. Could you compare PS to tribes (1)
  58. Whats the point of this game?
  59. Ok game pwns!
  60. AV bullets?
  61. TR MAXes to be nerfed
  62. Any european servers?
  63. Monday's Patch Message
  64. What are your certifications, and why?
  65. Planetside's future plans
  66. Is it just me, or..
  67. OMG not again! (Multiple Class(empire) disorder?)
  68. Is it worth it?
  69. I quit Planetside someone else can take over the rolecall
  70. Since the traffic is not here.....
  71. Any MonklyBusiness people on Werner?
  72. How many people played Planetside past the free month?
  73. Crash : it says my video card has 0MB of memory
  74. The Epitome of Planetside
  75. Playing? My guild is recruitiing...